The Head of Chancery at the Embassy of Pakistan, Mr. Azeem Cheema, received journalists for a lunch on February 3rd, in which the “Day of Kashmir Solidaritywas highlighted, a day which is celebrated every year on February 5th. The lunch took place at a restaurant in the “Pontão do Lago Sul”, one of Brasília’s tourist destinations, and was attended by several representatives of media outlets. 

Head of Chancery at the Embassy of Pakistan, Mr. Azeem Cheema.

Ms. Fabiana Ceyhan, president of the “Associação Brasileira dos Jornalistas e Comunicadores da Área Internacional e Diplomática – ABRAJINTER” (Brazilian Association of Journalists and Communicators in the International and Diplomatic Area), and Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira, CEO of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy.

Mr. Azeem Cheema delivered informational material on the situation in Kashmir and explained to the professionals present about the importance of giving attention every year to the situation of the people in that region. Journalists asked Mr. Azeem Cheema about the situation in Kashmir. All questions were fully answered. Afterwards, guests enjoyed a lunch with dishes of Brazilian cuisine, in a very friendly atmosphere. 

Fraternization among media outlet professionals.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Head of Chancery at the Embassy of Pakistan, Mr. Azeem Cheema, for the success of his meeting with media outlet professionals. 

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