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Category: Brasília

Brasília, Worl Heritage Site, is the living example of design and urban planning, as a landmakr and model for the world. With the urbanization of Lucio Costa and the landscape design of Burle Marx, the cirty hás the largest collection of works designed by Oscar Niemeyers, added to the works of other icons of modern architecture andd renowed artists, which makes the Federal Capital and open-air museum.

The Architectural Tour is designed for tourists interested in learning the modern techniques of urban design, architecture and landscape design of the Capital, and the visual arts that frame its buildings and monuments.


Brasília is a Monument City. It is the first modern city regognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. Born out of Lucios Costa’s urban design, Oscar Niemeyer’s architecture and Burble Marx’s landscape design, Brasília is the most important modernist Project in the twentieth century. Its building, monuments and public spaces are actual works of art exhibited in open air, revealing the signature of renowed artists.

Brasília also represents the cultural diversity of the Brazilian population, expressed in different accents, traditions, festivals, arts and varied cuisine. Diversity is the identity of Brasilia, which, along with the whole urban. Architectural and landscaping set, with its unique cultural and artistic values, hás given it the international title of the American Capital of Culture 2008.

Rural Tourism

The Rural Tourism in the Federal District and surrounding áreas is a proposal to rescue te roots of Brazil, and interesting exhibition of the Brazilian cultural diversity, which makes it a good choice for relaxation and leisure, with peculiar way of cultivating the cerrafo ground.

The Rural Tour – North and Northwesr Regions will make ir possible for the visitor to see the richness of Sobradinho, the living history of Planaltina, the waterfalls of Formosa and meet the land of Brazlândia, connecting the countryside, historical, cultural and natural attractions of these two regions.

The visitor will wnjoy the rural área particular tastes, culture, history and natural beauty, experiencing leisure while learning about the cultural traditions of the Federal District and surrounding areas.

Legal Tour

Brasília is characterized as a unique city in the context of the Legal Tourism. In addition to the Administrative Center, the Capital of all Brazilians concentrates the Three Powers of the nation – Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, independent, harmonic and essential in the bulding of a free, fair and united society. Headquartes of all the higher courts, Brasília is a major destination for reserch and learning for those who are looking for Professional growth and for awakening citizenship.

The Legal Tour is intended for tourists interested in the Legal área, providing a direct contact with organs and institutions where the major decisions that affect the life of every Brazilian citizen are taken.

Attractions: National Congress, Planalto Palace and Supreme Federal Court, Federal Council and Union Court of Audi