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Home Care is the specialized care created for patients who want and / or need treatment without leaving home. The service is performed by the duly qualified professional who treats the patients in a preventive way, with curative, rehabilitative or palliative purposes.

We are a company that provides you and your family with a high quality service and competence. The uniqueness of our services is based on the method of operation. The integrated methodology involves all the factors that contribute to the patient’s physical, social, spiritual and psychological health.

FisioHomeCare is a modern company, adapted to the new technology and trends that add to your health all the experience and quality you need as well as all the commitment that you demand for your family.

We take care of the health of your family in the comfort of your home, without disturbing your routine. We offer several treatments, in addition to people qualified to perform their services with quality and description, so you can use your free time the way it pleases you.

These are some of the services provided:

-Speech Therapy
-Occupational therapy
-Personal trainer
-Nursing technicians

We also support you who still do not know how to take care of your new baby. Our nurses will accompany you in the new routine and teach you how to handle the new situations in your life.