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Address: Quadra CLN 102, Bloco B, Loja 14, Asa Norte, Brasília-DF


The Torteria Dominó comes up a variety of options to the customer, with more than 40 kinds of pies. All made with high technical rigor and selected ingredients to please all whom taste and are delighted with their tasty pies, intending to leave an irresistible feeling to come over and try again.

The smoothness from their taste is more and more a featuring among Brasila’s gastronomic scenario­. Torteria Dominó have been providing their customers a wide variety of desserts for lunches, dinners, parties and meetings. On any given day or time, Dominó‘s pies are welcome and make any occasion a special one.

The whole history of Torteria Dominó began with the simple idea of developing a family gift: the gift of working with candy. A businesswoman Cristiane Carvalho has watched her grandmother preparing small and wonderful homemade sweets, which were appreciated by everyone. She tried and loved each cupcake. This aroused her taste, appreciation for desserts and the same willingness to work with them, leaving a good remind for those who try the pies.

She specialized herself  in courses held in the cities of São Paulo and Recife. Started working at home, with 10 different types of pies, providing the same for events and clients. After 4 years, Her house could not  bear the demands from  a big business. Then family who has always supported and helped as they could was the great promoter to take this next step. And so, the biggest step was taken with the opening from one of the best torterias at the Federal capital.

Since that then, Torteria  Domino was named after the most requested pie, Domino pie, that mixes white chocolate, dark chocolate, sponge cake and lots of care in its preparation.  A perfect combination!

Come to taste the different flavors shown in the chart options at Torteria Domino. The candies and pies for any occasions are here!


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