The ambassador of Algeria in Brazil, Mr. Toufik Dahmani, together with the ambassadress Khedidja Dahmani, welcomed journalists from various Brazilian media outlets at the official residence, for a presentation of his country’s cuisine. The dinner took place on January 22nd, 2020.

Ambassador of Algeria in Brazil, Mr. Toufik Dahmani and ambassadress Khedidja Dahmani


Ambassador Toufik Dahmani (left) welcomed guests at the event.

The guests got together in the social halls of the official residence, enjoying the hospitality and friendliness of the host couple.

Journalist Fabiana Ceyhan was also responsible for the organization of the event.

After everyone’s arrival, Ambassador Toufik Dahrmani gave a quick speech presenting his country’s attractions and highlighting the famous cuisine of Algeria, which includes the famous Couscous among its various dishes.

After the speech, everyone was invited to head to the residence’s dining room, where a wonderful buffet was set up with typical Algerian dishes and sweets. The guests marveled at the variety of flavors of the dishes presented, of course, including the traditional desserts of that beautiful country.

The famous Algerian Couscous was a success at the event!

Guests enjoyed a variety of traditional dishes.

THE GUIDE congratulates ambassador Toufik Dahrmani and ambassadress Khedidja Dahmani for the success of the gastronomic event!

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