Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer and ambassadress Razeeya Jaffeer.


On February 4th, the Embassy of Sri Lanka celebrated its National Day, organizing a dinner party at the Porto Vittoria Event hall.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer, and Ms. Maria Izabel Vieira, representative of the Brazilian Federal Government.

The ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer and other Sri Lankan diplomats and attachés were congratulated by dozens of guests, amongst them Brazilian government authorities, foreign ambassadors, military attachés, Brazilian businessmen, members of the press and personalities of Brasilia’s society .

The guests fraternized in an atmosphere of joy in the social rooms of Porto Vittoria event place. A beautiful stage was set up on the site, where a large screen displayed beautiful images of Sri Lanka’s cities, culture and landmarks.

Guests could watch beautiful images of Sri Lanka.

From left: Mr. Myo Tint, ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Ms. Nitivadee Manitkul, ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand and Ms. Marichu B. Mauro, ambassador of The Philippines.

From left: Mr. Massimo Catterin, First Secretary of the embassy of Holy See/Vatican City State, Mr. Arjun Deore, Second Secretary of the embassy of India, and Desmond Ng, Head of Mission of the embassy of Singapore.

From left: Ambassador of Myanmar, Mr. Myo Tint, Ambassador of Nepal, Mr. Tara Prasad Pokharel, Professor Hoeck Miranda and his wife Mrs. Maria Clara Miranda and Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Veljko Lazic.

Ambassador of Cameroun, Mr. Martin Mbeng and his wife, Mrs. Laura Mbeng.

Mrs. Desta Zewdie Yesraw (Left), ambassadress of Ethiopia, and Mrs. Chang Hee Park, ambassadress of South Korea.

Mrs. Maria Julia Cerrudo, Head of the Cultural Section of the embassy of Argentina, and her husband, Mr. Yohan Legat.

Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Patrick Hermann (right) and Journalist Ivan Godoy.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

After the arrival of all the guests, a ceremony began, in which the Mayur lamp was lit up. Ambassador Jaffeer invited Ms. Maria Izabel Vieira, Director of the Department of India, South and Southeast Asia (DISA) at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Mr. Tara Prasad, Ambassador of Nepal to ligh the lamp’s flames.

After the lamp was lit, the national anthems of Brazil and Sri Lanka were played. Then, Ambassador Jaffeer gave a speech, in which he highlighted the independence of his country and the important friendship between his country and Brazil, whose diplomatic relations celebrate 60 years. He also emphasized Sri Lanka’s economic growth and its presence as a world tourist destination. He ended his speech by proposing a toast to his country’s independence and to the good relations with Brazil.

Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer, delivered a speech highlighting the important date and the growing relations of his country and Brazil.

After his speech, the representative of the Brazilian federal government, Ms. Maria Izabel Vieira, Director of the Department of India, South and Southeast Asia (DISA) at the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also delivered a speech in which she congratulated the ambassador for such an important date and emphasized the importance of the growing relations with Sri Lanka. Both speeches were widely applauded by everyone.

After the speech, everyone was invited to a celebratory dinner, with dishes from Brazilian and Sri Lankan cuisine, much appreciated by all.

Under an atmosphere of great fraternization, the guests enjoyed the feast in the beautiful halls prepared for the occasion.

Guests were also able to enjoy the famous ceylon tea, produced in Sri Lanka and known as one of the greatest teas in the world. The embassy gave tea packages with various flavors as souvenirs to the guests . Brochures on Sri Lanka’s tourism attractions were also made available to everyone. 

The ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer, was congratulated for the success of the beautiful celebration.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Sri Lanka for its National Day!

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