The Fourth Regular Meeting of Brazil-Philippines Business Cooperation Forum (BPBCF) was held on July 14 2016 at the official residence of the ambassador of The Philippines.

As in the last meeting, held in March, there were attendees from Brasilia and other cities of Brazil as São Paulo, Goiânia and Vitória. Among the attendees there were Brazilian authorities, diplomats and businessmen.

After the guests arrival, Philippine Ambassador Jose D.R. Burgos gave his Welcome Remarks and informed about the organization of the Brazilian business delegation to the Philippines, and the Philippine business delegation to Brazil soon after it.

The Philippine consul Eric Valenzuela read the summary of the meeting held in March and after it, ambassador Burgos pointed the main issues for the organization of the trip to the Philippines. The attendees gave suggestions for the date of the trip and ambassador Burgos said that the embassy will send a survey form to all attendees with questions regarding the trip.

The guests complimented ambassador Burgos and other Philippine diplomats for the success of the Meeting that is contributing for the increasing of relations of The Philippines and Brazil.

At the end of the event, the guests enjoyed philippino dishes and received products of the Philippines, as spices, dry fruits and the famous Philippino beer.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Ambassador Jose D.R. Burgos and the Embassy of The Philippines for the success of the Fourth Regular Meeting of Brazil-Philippines Business Cooperation Forum (BPBCF).