On the night of November 19, 2018, the celebration for the 48th anniversary of the Sultanate of Oman took place at Dúnia City Hall event venue, in the Lago Sul district of Brasilia. At the occasion, hundreds of people attended the invitation of Ambassador Amad Hamood Salim Al-Abri to honor such an important event.

Ambassador Al Abri, along with diplomats from the Oman embassy, ​​received greetings from the guests at the entrance of the social hall, which was beautifully decorated with flowers, lights and fabrics in the flag colors of that beautiful country.

Ambassadors, diplomats, military attachés, representatives of the Brazilian society, businessmen and journalists, as well as ministers, diplomats and politicians representing the Brazilian government were among the guests.

Ambassador Amad Hamood Salim Al-Abri from the Embassy of Oman and Brazilian Senator Fernando Collor

From left: Mr. Antonio Custodio Neto, Mr. Abdel Hamid Khalifa and Mr. Rinaldo Caxias Fonseca

From left: Chargé d’Affairs from the embassy of Kenya, Mr. Isaac John Ochieng, Minister Plenipotentiary from the embassy of South Africa, Mr. Fadl Nacerodien, Ambassador of Vietnan, Mr. Do Ba Khoa and Ambassador of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Juay Jin

From left: Mr. Leandro Moll from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Osmar Chohfi from the ArabBrazilian Chamber of Commerce and Deputy Head of Mission from the embassy of Ireland, Mr. Declan Heery

Mrs. Vivian Beatriz from the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (left) and the businesswoman Liane Carneiro

Ambassador Amad Hamood Salim Al-Abri from the Embassy of Oman and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

Mr. Calos Antônio Vieira Junior from the Brazilian Legislative Chamber (left) and Mr. David Solomonia, Ambassador of Georgia

From left: Mr. Mutaz Khasawnel from the embassy of Jordan, Mr. Abdullah Alyhandi and Mr. Tareq Alsham Si Uae

Ambassador of Nigeria, Mr. Christopher John Nonyelum Okeke (left) and Ambassador of Dominican Republic, Mr. Alejandro Arias Zarzuela

From left: Ambassador of Guatemala, Mr. Julio Armando Martini Herrera, Ambassador of El Salvador, Mrs. Diana Marcela Vanegas Hernandez and Ambassador of Venezuela, Mr. Alberto Efraín Castellar Padilla

From left: Ambassador of Nicaragua, Mrs. Lorena del Carmen Martínez, Ambassador of Bolivia, Mr. José Kinn Franco and Mrs. Eloisa Azevedo

Chargé d’Affairs from the embassy of Barbados, Mrs. Resa Andrea Layne (left) and Ambassador of Jamaica, Mrs. Sharon J. Miller

From left: Conseiller from the embassy of Bênin, Mr. Yves D. Gbegbo, diplomat from the embassy of Bênin, Mr. Giles Vital KITI and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

The national anthems of Oman and Brazil were played by the Military Band of the Brazilian National Guard and then Ambassador Al Abri gave a speech thanking everyone for their presence at the event and emphasizing the diplomatic relations between Brazil and Oman. His speech was applauded by all the guests. Ambassador Ligia Maria Scherer, director of the Middle East Department of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Brazilian Senator Fernando Collor also spoke and emphasized the growth of bilateral relations between the two countries. Other representatives of the Brazilian government at the event were the Ministers Marcos Jorge Lima, of Foreign Commerce and Industry and Torquato Jardim, of Justice.

After the speeches, ambassador Amad Hamood Salim Al-Abri and the Brazilian Government representatives cut together a cake celebrating the union of their countries. Then, the ambassador invited everyone to the dining room where typical dishes of Arabic cuisine were served. The ambiance was richly decorated and the decor included typical tents and mannequins in typical Oman dresses. Another attraction was the possibility of the guests doing henna tattoos. An exhibition displaying photographs of the country and telling the history of Oman and the Sultanate was prepared for the visit of the guests and screens in the halls were displaying videos of the natural and cultural riches of Oman.

After the dinner the guests could still taste the cake and delicious sweets as deserts. Every aspect of the event was reminiscent of the culture of Oman. At the end of the event, the guests congratulated Ambassador Al Abri for the National Date of his country and for the perfect organization of such a beautiful event.

At the exit hall, it was offered a coffee and tea table for the guests. In addition, the guests received as gift a book entitled “Un Reformador en el Trono” talking about the Sultan Qabus bin Sa’id Al Sa’id and how society is developing and consolidating in the Sultanate of Oman and souvenirs of that great celebration event.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Oman for its National Day!



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