The National Day of Thailand was celebrated on December 3 at the Ballroom of the Royal Tulip Hotel in Brasilia. At the occasion hundreds of people attended the invitation of the ambassador of Thailand, Mr. Surasak Suparat, to celebrate such important event.

Ambassador of Thailand, Mr. Surasak Suparat

The entrance hall was beautifully decorated with colorful umbrellas typical of Thai culture and banners displaying the cultural richness of that beautiful country. It was in this environment that Ambassador Suparat received the congratulations for the accomplishment of the event and the passage of National Day of Thailand.

Ambassador of Thailand, Mr. Surasak Suparat is greeted by Brazilian Senator Fernando Collor, one of the representatives of the Brazilian Government

Among the guests there were ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of the Brazilian government, businessmen, military attachés and representatives of the society of Brasilia.

From Left: Chargé d’Affairs of the embassy of Barbados, Mrs.Resa Andrea Layne, Ambassador of Jamaica, Mrs. Sharon J. Miller, and Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Amery Browne

Minister of the embassy of Sudan, Mr.Muhanned Omer Abbas Ajabna (right) and Second Secretary of the embassy of Qatar, Mr. Abdulaziz Ahmad Al-Mahmoudi

Ambassador of Korea, Mr. Kim Chan-woo (left) and Ambassador of Australia, Mr. Timothy Francis Kane

Ambassador of Thailand, Mr. Surasak Suparat (left) and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

Ambassador of Egypt, Mr. Alaa Eldin Wagih Mohamed Roushdy (left) and Ambassador of Palestin, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil Alzeben

Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Ali Kaya Savut (left) and Ambassador of Macedonia, Mr. Ivica Bocevski

From left: Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira, President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mrs. Crismária Alves Veloso,  Director of Union Mineraçao (Mining Company), Mr. Ronaldo Costa, Foreigh Trade Manager of the state of Goiás government, Mrs. Andrea Fiuza, Director of International Business of ACIEG – Associação Comercial, Industrial e de Serviços do Estado de Goiás and Mr. Ygor Alves Veloso, Business Director of the TratorMina Company of Goiás

Ambassador of Austria, Mrs. Irene Giner-Reichl and her husband, Mr. Reinhard Giner

Ambassador of North Korea, Mr. Kim Chol Hak and Colonel Jeong Hoe Seo, military attache of the embassy of Korea

Ambassador of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Juay Jin

Representatives of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Ms. Samara Alves (right) and Ms. Ayla Azevedo

The Thai group “Fivera” was invited to perform the national anthems of Brazil and Thailand. After that, Ambassador Suparat gave a speech emphasizing the importance of his country’s relations with Brazil.

The evening was full of beautiful performances, the Thai group “Fivera”, who came to Brazil especially for the celebration of the National Day of Thailand, animated the guests with Thai songs and great world hits, in addition the group also sang some successes of Brazilian bossa nova. There was also a Muaythai presentation by the Brazilian Muaythai Traditional League (LBMTT) team, led by master Sandro Luís. The performances were great attractions of that special event.

Brazilian Muaythai Traditional League (LBMTT) and Ambassador Suparat

All the guests were invited to taste a delicious dinner with typical Thai dishes, the guests also enjoyed a dessert table with some Thai sweets and the traditional Brazilian sweet brigadeiro.

After dinner the “Fivera” group returned to the stage to liven up the celebration by inviting people to dance and have fun, many ambassadors, diplomats and other guests seized the moment and had fun dancing.

At the end of the event, the guests congratulated Ambassador Surasak Suparat for the success of such a beautiful event that was the celebration of the National Day of Thailand.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Thailand for its National Day!


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