The Embassy of Finland celebrated the National Day of its country on December 4th, when the ambassador Jouko Johannes Leinonen organized a reception for dozens of guests at the official residence located in the Setor de Embaixadas Sul (South Embassies Sector).

Ambassador of Finland, Mr. Jouko Johannes Leinonen

The celebration was at the beautiful official residence

Among the guests there were ambassadors, diplomats, Brazilian government officials, entrepreneurs and members of the Finnish community in Brazil.

From left: Ambassador of Tailand, Mr. Surasak Suparat, Ambassador of United Arab Emirates, Mrs. Hafsa Abdulla Mohamed Sharif Al Ulama and Ambassador of Namibia, Mr. Samuel Sheefeni Nuuyoma

From left: Ambassador of Georgia, Mr. David Solomonia and his wife, Mrs. Olena Terentieva, seen here with the ambassador of Luxembourg, Mr. Carlo Krieger

From right: Mrs. Erin Whitworth Dyal, of the embassy of United States, Mrs. Lilian Cristina Nascimento Pinho of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr. Massao Otsuka

From left: Ambassador of Vietnan, Mr. Do Ba Khoa, Ambassador of Cyprus, Mr. Haralambos Kafkarides and Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Veljko Lazic

Ambassador of Finland, Mr. Jouko Johannes Leinonen (left) and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

From left: Mr. Ygor Alves Veloso, Business Director of the TratorMina Company of Goiás, Mrs. Crismária Alves Veloso, Director of Union Mineraçao (Mining Company), Mr. Ronaldo Costa, Foreigh Trade Manager of the state of Goiás government, Ambassador of Vietnan, Mr. Do Ba Khoa and Mrs. Andrea Fiuza, Director of International Business of ACIEG – Associação Comercial, Industrial e de Serviços do Estado de Goiás

After the national anthems and the anthem of the European Union, ambassador Leinonen delivered a speech in which he said that he has been in Brazil for three months and that it is the second time he has come to work in Brazil, the first as ambassador. He also highlighted Finland’s growing relationship with Brazil. In the end, the ambassador offered a toast in honor of the national day of his country and the strong friendship with Brazil. The guests applauded his speech and toasted with the ambassador.

The guests enjoyed delicious appetizers

Members of the Finnish community were at the event

A screen was assembled at the event and beautiful images of Finland were displayed. The guests fraternized in a climate of great joy and everyone congratulated ambassador Jouko Johannes Leinonen and other members of the Embassy of Finland for the beautiful celebration.


THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Finland for its National Day!

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