The National Day of the United Arab Emirates was celebrated on December 5 at the Royal Tulip Hotel in Brasilia. Ambassador Hafsa Abdulla Mohamed Sharif Al Ulama along with embassy diplomats and military attachés received greetings from the guests at the entrance of the social hall.

Ambassador of United Arab Emirates, Mrs. Hafsa Abdulla Mohamed Sharif Al Ulama

The hall was lit with the colors of the flag of the United Arab Emirates and two large screens were positioned along the sides showing the beauties of the Emirates and its rich culture.

Hundreds of people attended the event, among them there were ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of international organizations, businessmen and authorities of the Brazilian government.

Ambassador of United Arab Emirates, Mrs. Hafsa Abdulla Mohamed Sharif Al Ulama (center), Mr. Ronaldo Costa, Foreigh Trade Manager of the state of Goiás government and Mrs. Andrea Fiuza, Director of International Business of ACIEG – Associação Comercial, Industrial e de Serviços do Estado de Goiás

Ambassador of Namibia, Mr. Samuel Sheefeni Nuuyoma and his wife, Mrs. Helena Olivia Nuuyoma

From left: Ambassador of France, Mr. Michel Miraillet, Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Ali Kaya Savut and Ambassador of Chile, Mr. Fernando Schmidt Ariztía

Ambassador of Thailand, Mr. Surasak Suparat

Colonel Leonardo Baranc of the Embassy of Italy (left) and Colonel António Manuel Gomes Moldão of the embassy of Portugal

Ambassador of United Arab Emirates, Mrs. Hafsa Abdulla Mohamed Sharif Al Ulama and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

Ambassador of Algeria, Mr. Toufik Dahmani

From Left: Ambassador of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Juay Jin, Ambassador of Kenya, Mr. Isaac J. Ochieng and Ambassador of Nepal, Mr. Tara Prasad Pokharel

From left: Ambassador of South África, Mr. Joseph Ntshikiwane Mashimbye, Ambassadress of South África, Mrs. Nolukhanyo Mashimbye and Ambassador of Nigeria, Mr. Christopher John Nonyelum Okeke

Ambassador of Benin, Mr. Boniface Vignon (left) and Civil Attache of the embassy of Democratic Republic of Congo, Mr. Jean Pierre Yodi Kasongo

Representatives of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Ms. Samara Alves (left) and Ms. Ayla Azevedo

The national anthem of Brazil and the United Arab Emirates were performed by the “Sonata Orchestra” which at the beginning of the event also animated the guests with beautiful songs. After the execution of the anthems, ambassador Al Ulama gave a speech talking about the relations of her country with Brazil and expressing the importance of such relations. After her speech there was a beautiful show of lasers and music accompanied by violin, highlighting the attractions of the United Arab Emirates.

The guests fraternized under a happy atmosphere. One of the event attractions was the henna tattoos made by Mehandi’s studio artists. The gastronomy included tables with typical Arabic dishes. Through the event the guests were served with appetizers, wines, champagnes, juices and soft drinks. Other gastronomic attractions at the event were small food kiosks with gourmet popcorn, cotton candy, popsicles, and French fries. Dates and chocolates were placed at the entrance of the social hall.

Through the event the guests enjoyed the atmosphere of good music. At the end of that great celebration, the guests thanked and congratulated ambassador Al Ulama for the passage of the National Day of her country and for the excellent organization of the event.


THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of United Arab Emirates for its National Day!

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