Dozens of guests attended the official residence of Malaysia’s Ambassador Mr. Lim Juay Jin, on September 13th , to celebrate the National Day of Malaysia.

Ambassador of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Juay Jin and Ambassadress Lin Yi

The ambassador Jin and other diplomats and attachés of the Malaysian embassy received greetings at the entrance to the official residence. Then, the guests went to the open air areas of ​​the residence, where they fraternized in a beautifully decorated ambience to celebrate that important date.


Among the guests there were Brazilian government officials, ambassadors, diplomats, civil and military attachés, executives and members of Brasilia’s society. A big screen displayed near the house’s swimming pool showed images of that beautiful Asian country.

From right: Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Ali Kaya Savut, Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Mr. Musthafa Mohamed Jaffeer, and Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Mr. Kairat Sarzhanov.

Ambassador of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Juay Jin and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

Mr. Ariz Severino V. Convalecer from the Embassy of the Philippines (right) and Mr. Sorasak Samonkraisorakit from the Embassy of Thailand.

Ambassador of Indonesia, Mr. Toto Riyanto and Ambassadress Herryudiati Riyanto

General Zhang, from the Embassy of China (right) and Colonel Budhi Achmadi, from the Embassy of Indonesia.

From right:  Colonel Wang Rui from the Embassy of China, Lieutenant Colonel Pham Van Phuong from the Embassy of Vietnam and Colonel Chaiporn Dechjaroen from the Embassy of Thailand.

Minister-Deputy Chief of Mission, Mr. Kazuhiro Fujimura from the Embassy of Japan and Mrs. Fujimura.

From righ: First Secretary Hisayoshi Muto, from the Embassy of Japan, Colonel Mizoto from the Embassy of Japan, and Major Yamashita from Brazil.

From right: Ambassador of Korea, Mr. Kim Chan-woo, Ambassador of Algeria, Mr. Toufik Dahmani and Ambassador of Jordan, Mr. Malek Eid Otalla Twal.

Mrs. Natalia Del Carmen Portillo Bernal

Honorary Consul of Malaysia Mr. Osvaldo Luiz Oliveira Barros and Representative of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Ms. Ayla Azevedo

Mrs. Daniella Abreu and Mr. Henrique Costa.

After the arrival of the guests, the national anthems of Brazil and Malaysia were played, followed by speeches by the Ambassador Lim Juay Jin and the Brazilian Ambassador Ary Norton de Murat Quintella, Director of the Department of Central Asia, Southern Asia and Oceania of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The two speeches emphasized the strong relations between Brazil and Malaysia and were much applauded by everybody.

Ambassador of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Juay Jin and Brazilian Ambassador Ary Norton de Murat Quintella, devivered speeches to the guests.

Following the speeches, there was presented a video highlighting the beauties and qualities of Malaysia. After the video was shown, the Ambassador of Malaysia, Mr. Lim Juay Jinut, invited Brazilian ambassador Ary Norton de Murat Quintella to cut a celebration cake prepared exclusively for that important event. Then, all guests were invited to taste a special dinner of typical dishes of that beautiful country.

The guests congratulated Ambassador Lim Juay Jinut and diplomats and attachés of the Embassy of Malaysia for the success of that beautiful fraternization event.


THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Malaysia for its National Day!

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