Hundreds of guests were welcomed at the official residence of the Korean ambassador Kim Chan-woo for the celebration of the National Day of Korea, on the evening of October 2. At the entrance of the residence, Ambassador Chan-woo, together with the Ambassadress, Mrs. Chung Hee Park, diplomats and authorities from Korea, received the greetings of the guests on such important occasion.

At the open air areas of the residence, there were a beautiful decoration with trees of lights, flower arrangements and lights with the colors of the flag of Korea,  that adorned the environment and sent the Korean culture to the guests. In addition, a screen showed images illustrating the richness of Korean culture and many  landscapes of that beautiful country.

The guests fraternized in an environment of joy, among them there were ambassadors, diplomats and military attachés from many countries, as well as members of Brasília society and business executives.

Ambassador Kim Chan-woo of Korea and Ambassadress Chung Hee Park

Ambassador of Bolivia, Mr. José Kinn Franco (left) and Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Veljko Lazic

From left: Colonel Evangelista da Silva of Brazilian Navy, Colonel Jeong Hoe Seo from Embassy of Korea and Colonel Carlos Panza Dias of Brazilian Air Force

Ambassador Kim Chan-woo of Korea, Ambassadress Mrs. Chung Hee Park and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

Chargé d’Affairs of Kenya, Mr. Isaac J. Ochieng

From left: Mr. Chon-Kim from Embassy of Korea, Ambassadress  Chung Hee Park of Korea, Colonel Evangelista da Silva from Brazilian Navy, Colonel Jeong Hoe Seo from Embassy of Korea and Colonel Carlos Panza Dias of Brazilian Air Force

From left: Colonel Filip Medomlel from Embassy of Czech Republic, Captain Krzysztof Rojek from Embassy of Poland, Colonel Leonardo Baranc from Embassy of Italy and Captain Benedict Daniel Clark from Embassy of United States

Minister Counselor Kossam Mupezeni, from Embassy of Zimbabwe

From lef: Ambassador of Georgia, Mr. David Solomonia, President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira and Ambassador Surasak Suparat, of Tailand

Representatives of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Ms. Samara Alves (left) and Ms. Ayla Azevedo

The national anthems of Brazil and Korea were played with dexterity by the Banda dos Bombeiros Militares do Distrito Federal (Military Firemen Band). Then, the Ambassador Chan-woo pronounced a speech highlighting Korea’s relations with Brazil and the strategic importance to both countries in bilateral relations.

The event also featured a presentation by the Busan Metropolitan Dance Company. The dancers wore Korean typical and colorful clothes, with elaborate make-up and hairstyles. The performance began with traditional dance movements and songs and then went through more dynamic rhythms to the point of involving the guests in the presentation, who were taken to dance on stage and dressed on typical clothes. The presentation was very beautiful and fun.

Guests were invited to dance with the members of the dance Korean company

After the dance performance, everyone was invited to taste a dinner with dishes of traditional Korean cuisine. A dessert table was set up in a hall inside the residence with cakes and fruits as well as iced cinnamon tea.


At the end of the event the guests congratulated Ambassador Chan-woo for such a beautiful celebration.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Korea for its National Day!


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