Ambassador of Slovakia, Mr. Milan Cigáň and spouse

On the evening of October 25 2018, dozens of guests were welcomed at the Embassy of Slovakia by ambassador Milan Cigáň and the ambassador of the Czech Republic, Mrs. Sandra Lang Linkensederová, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. The ambassadors of the two countries together with their respective spouses and military attachés received the greetings for such an important date.

The guests fraternized in the embassy halls that were specially prepared for the occasion, one of which featured an exhibition highlighting Czechoslovakia’s legacy to the world and its cultural heritages.

Among the guests there were ambassadors, diplomats, military attachés from many countries, representatives of Brasília society, businessmen and representatives of the Brazilian government.

Minister Counselor Kossam Mupezeni, from the embassy of Zimbabwe

Ambassadress of Sweden, Mrs. Anette Hjelmborn (left) and Mrs. Ana Maria Leonard from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Colonel Filip Wodmlel from the embassy of Czech Republic (right) and Colonel Edginton from the embassy of United States

Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Veljko Lazic (left) and Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Ali Kaya Savut

Minister Kwon Youngseup from the embassy of Korea (left) and  President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

Minister Kazuhiro Fujimura from the embassy of Japan and spouse (left), seen here with ambassadress of the Netherlands

Colonel Henry Gustavo Holguín Terrero from the embassy of Dominican Republic (left) and Colonel Leonardo Baranc from the Embassy of Italy

Representatives of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Ms. Samara Alves (left) and Ms. Ayla Azevedo

The national anthems of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Brazil were beautifully interpreted by the singer Ariadna Moreira, who also sang the anthems in their native languages, adding refinement and sophistication to the presentation. Ambassador Cigáň gave a brief speech emphasizing the importance of Czechoslovakia and the friendly relations of the two countries after their separation. Ambassador Linkensederová also gave another speech highlighting the relations of the Czech Republic with Slovakia and both with Brazil. Then there was a farewell homage to ambassador Cigáň, who is ending his mission in Brazil. At the occasion, the singer Ariadna Moreira returned to the stage to sing the song “Aquarela do Brasil” by João Gilberto. There was also a dance performance typical of Czechoslovakia with the participation of the guests. During the event typical dishes from both countries were served, as well as wines, champagnes and other drinks. There was also a table with coffee, tea, sweets and biscuits for the guests to taste at the end of the event. The guests congratulated Ambassador Cigáň along with Ambassador Linkensederová for the commemoration of the National Date and for the organization of such a beautiful event. THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of Slovakia for their  National Days!

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