The comedian from Pará Davi Mansour returns to Brasilia to present the stand-up comedy “Inconsequente”(Inconsequential) at Teatro do Brasília Shopping. The sessions are set to 9 pm on Saturday, March 31 and 8 pm on Sunday, April 1.

In the comedy show, Mansour (who is also a screenwriter) talks about relationships, routine activities and politics, as well as discussing the fact that he is from Belém and living in São Paulo – the discomforts of adaptation and living with people strange to his cycles of friendship.

Davi Mansour started his stand up comedy shows in Belém four years ago with the group “Em Pé na Rede”, which soon became a national reference of the genre in the north of the country. The group was nominated by several renowned comedians, as one of the best groups in Brazil.



Venue: Teatro Brasília Shopping
Setor Comercial Norte, Quadra 5 – Asa Norte
Saturday, March 31, at 9 pm; Sunday, April 1, at 8 pm
R$ 30,00 and R$ 15,00 (half-price for students and senior citizens)