Brasília hosts the lecture “Tantra Yoga – Desvendando a prática” (Unraveling the practice), as part of the Shakti Tantra Yoga project on Friday, March 30.

In the popular mind, Tantra has become equivalent to sex. But in short, the word tantra means TRAMA. Between the fourth and eighth centuries of the Christian era in India, women were the center of the development of tantric practices and created most of the techniques that later became patriarchal, known today as hatha yoga.

“Tantra Yoga – Desvendando a prática” (Unraveling the practice) aims to clarify in an objective and practical way the great mystery that involves the connection proposed by tantra and how to apply this knowledge in everyday life.

The lecture will be free, for men and women.


Venue: Shakti Tantra Yoga
SHIS QI 16, conjunto 2, casa 33 – Lago Sul
Friday, March 30, at 9 pm
Free Admission