The exhibition SERTÃO FORTE presents photographs by Noilton Pereira and aims to show the life in the poor communities of Chapada Diamantina, State of Bahia, to obtain resources to support the social work carried out in the region. The exhibition can be visited at Casa Thomas Jefferson (Asa Sul) until July 20.

Mr. Pereira started developing the Sertão Forte project five years ago. His photos bring scenes of the daily life of the inhabitants of the community and function as a day-to-day report on the Chapada Diamantina.

There are 10 families helped by Mr. Pereira. His project has as goals the donation of food, the construction of houses and the sustainability. The photographer began to develop his work after realizing that it was a way of supporting the project. Through his photos, he shows the public the difficult lives of the needy families of Chapada Diamantina and opens the possibility of people help to minimize the problem.

Venue: Galeria de Arte da Casa Thomas Jefferson
Where: SEPS Quadra 706/906, Via W5 Sul, Asa Sul, DF
When:  Until July 20, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm. Saturday, from 9am to noon.
Price: Free admission
Rating: Free