The embassy of Kazakhstan received journalists and representatives of media outlets for a press release, followed by a lunch commemorating the beginning of spring in Kazakhstan, a celebration that was attended by ambassadors and diplomats, as well as members of Brasilia’s society. 

Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Bolat Nussupov and his wife, ambassadress Gulnaziya Nussupova

 From right: Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Bolat Nussupov, his wife, ambassadress Gulnaziya Nussupova and CEO of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

The event took place in the social halls and open-air areas of the beautiful embassy.

The event began during the morning of March 22nd, when Kazakhstan’s Ambassador, Mr. Bolat Nussupov, along with other diplomats from that country, received, in the meeting hall of the embassy, journalists and representatives of media outlets. The journalistic event began and the ambassador reported on the changes implemented in his country by the government, including changes in political, administrative and constitutional areas. The information was supplemented by diplomats Ulan Mendebayev, Third Secretary and the Counsellor Vitaly Shatskov. 

The journalists and medias outlet representatives were welcomed at the embassy’s meeting room.

After sharing the information about the reforms in his country, Ambassador Nussupov, presented an overview of the work that his government has been developing with Brazil and other Latin American countries, including the growth of foreign trade and actions of working groups with the federal government and Brazilian state governments, such as those of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul. The approximations of producing regions in Kazakhstan and Brazilian cities and states are also part of the actions of the Kazakhstan government in Brazil. 


Finally, the ambassador explained about the Spring Holiday, its meaning and its celebration in Kazakhstan. The New Year in the Eastern calendar coincides with the beginning of spring, when the citizens of that country wear festive attire and visit their relatives and friends, in an atmosphere of joy and fraternization. The holiday is celebrated with joyful activities such as games, racing, sports, etc. Typical dishes for the holiday are also prepared and enjoyed by everyone. Journalists and media outlet professionals were invited to watch a video about Kazakhstan and another about Mr. Akhmet Baytursinuli, a Kazakh intellectual who worked in the fields of politics, poetry, linguistics and education. 


The ambassador and other diplomats from Kazakhstan invited everyone to go to the social lounges and open-air areas of the embassy, where they joined foreign diplomats and Brazilian government officials, who came to participate in the celebrations, which included a tasting of typical dishes of that beautiful country. 

Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Hayashi Teiji (Right) and Mr. Bakytzhan Saparbayev, Consul of the embassy of Kazakhstan.

Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Mr. Bolat Nussupov, delivers a speech to the guests.

During the event, Mr. Bakytzhan Saparbayev, Consul of the embassy of Kazakhstan, presented to the guests a center of Kazakh culture.

Guests enjoyed traditional food from Kazakhstan.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Kazakhstan on the beautiful event celebrating the arrival of spring in its country!

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