The Justiça Federal (Federal Justice, or SJDF) has authorized on Friday, May 15th, the gradual reopening of commercial and business activities in the Distrito Federal. The specific dates and planning of the return of all activities will be disclosed on a later date by the GDF.

Previous measures regarding the reopening of companies and other activities have been suspended since May 6th. You can read more about this development by clicking Here.

This Friday’s decision adheres to the suggestion provided for in a technical note from the Companhia de Planejamento do Distrito Federal (Distrito Federal Planning Company -Codeplan), sent to court, which proposes for flexibility in the suspensions, every 15 days.

However, according to the decision, the reopening depends on the development of specific health guidelines for each activity, which have not yet been presented by the GDF due to the sudden developments on this case not giving the government enough time to develop said guidelines.

The first to return to their activities would be wholesalers, sales representatives and retailers. See below:


On the first 15 days:

  • Wholesalers, sales representatives and retailers
  • Information and communication activities (such as advertising agencies and business consultants)
  • Administrative activities and complementary services (such as travel agencies, supply and management of human resources for third parties)


After the first 15 days:

  • Malls and shopping centers


After 30 days:

  • Restaurants and other food and beverage service establishments
  • Mobile food services (Such as foodtrucks)
  • Catering services; buffet and other prepared food services
  • Hairdressers and other beauty treatment activities


After 45 days:

  • Movie theaters, cultural and art activities
  • Sports and leisure (gyms, shows, libraries, botanical gardens, social clubs, amusement parks, events)
  • Activities of religious organizations (churches, temples)
  • Free fairs
  • Education and Public Administration




THE GUIDE informs:

THE GUIDE Director, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira, signed a commercial agreement with the company Rezgatte Confecção for the sale and delivery of safety masks to the members of the community of embassies and international organizations in Brasilia.


Read more about it by clicking Here