The theater company Néia and Nando presents the play Aventura Canina (Canine Adventure) on weekends until March 31th.

A very adventurous group of dogs comes to delight and amuse the children’s audience with many feats and teachings. It is a contemporary fable of a group of dogs moved by a will to do good to people and help who needs their help.

With agility and readiness, puppies of different races spare no effort to save lives and solve problems with a good mood and protective spirit.

Surrounded and interactive, the show passes important messages about preservation of the environment, friendship, companionship, complicity and more.

The theater company Néia and Nando is famous in Brasília for the many plays for the kids that they present every year.

Venue: Teatro do Brasília Shopping (Brasília Shopping Theater)
Where: Setor Comercial Norte – SCN, Quadra 05,  Bloco “A”, Asa Norte, Brasília
When: Until March 31th, Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 pm
Price: BRL 40.00, BRL 20.00 (half price for students and senior citzens) and BRL 15.00 (special price for clubinho club members)
Rating: Free
Information: (61) 2109-2122 and at