Renato Russo Cultural Space, in Asa Sul, presents two shows this week


The Renato Russo cultural space is located in Quadra 708, W3 avenue in Asa Sul, and there is a wide range of cultural programs every week involving mainly music and theater. The name of the cultural space is given in honor of the Brazilian singer and composer Renato Russo, born in Brasilia and who was very successful with his rock band “Legião Urbana” around the 80’s, becoming known throughout Brazil.

This week there will be two shows at the cultural space:

The first show called “Canto do medo” (Song of fear) is a musical spectacle in the language of the theater of objects, dedicated to children from zero to six years old, and addresses the theme of fear.

The play seeks to bring the young audience closer to the magical universe of the arts. The parents who take their children to the theater, in turn, will face a reflection on the mysteries of human relations and the invisible threads of our fears.

Venue: Espaço Cultural Renato Russo
Where: Via W3 SUL – Quadra 508 sul, Brasília
When: March: 16th, 17th, 23th and 24th. At 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.
Price: Free
Rating: Free
Information: 98602-0732


Spectacle “En(cruz)ilhada (crossroad)

The second play at the Renato Russo Cultural Space will be a solo of Leno Sacramento, it is a monologue where the victim is not isolated and is led to various forms of death. In this process you can be on both sides. In crossroad of life and death, nothing is expected: what you see is an absolute annihilation.

The play deals with “death” in its most diverse forms and manifestations – social, cultural, financial, aesthetic and psychological death.

Leno Sacramento is an actor, dancer and teacher of capoeira (a Brazilian cultural expression that mixes martial art, sports, popular culture, dance and music). He teaches in workshops and in theater classes.


Venue: Espaço Cultural Renato Russo
Where: W3 SUL avenue, Quadra 508 , Asa Sul, Brasília
When: Friday, March 15th and Saturday , March16th.
Price: R$ 20,00
Rating: Free
Information: 98602-0732