The brazilian actor and humorist Eri Johnson is back on Brasília’s stage. In this play, he is Henrique, the lead role in “Um casamento feliz” (A happy marriage). The comedy directed and starred by the humorist shows two men that pretend to be married.

The caracter is about to win millionaire herritage from an aunt, but in order to use the money, the single guy must stay married at least for a year. To solve the problem, him and his lawyer Roberto (João Lima Jr.) set a fake marriage.

Then the problems begins. The pretend marriage is with Dodô (Renato Rabelo), Henrique’s friend who is also straight. They receive visits from a judicial officer to verify if the heir is really married.

The text is french and was adapted by Flávio Marinho. Eri Johnson besides being the lead role of the play also directs it. In 38 years of theater, this is the first time that he works in both positions in the same play.

Venue: Teatro do Hotel  Royal Tulip

Where: SHTN 1, conjunto 1, bloco C

When: June 15 and 16, 08:00 pm

Price: Friday: $ 80 (half price for students and senior citizens), Saturday: $ 90 (half price for students and senior citizens)