The Ambassador of Germany in Brazil, Mr. Dirk Brengelmann, received hundreds of guests on October 1, 2015 to celebrate the National Day of his country. The lively event occurred in the social halls and open air areas of the embassy. Among the distinguished guests there were Brazilian government officials, diplomats, businessmen, artists and members of Brasilia society.

One of the highlights of the night was the presence of the famous painter, sculptor and Brazilian draftsman Carlos Bracher, who was invited by the ambassador to paint the famous Bear Buddy Bär, bear sculpture 2m tall, produced on a large scale and painted individually for unique reasons. The Buddy Bär symbolizes the city of Berlin whose emblem is the Berlin bear. So it also became a symbol of reunited Berlin. This year’s event honored the federal state of Thuringia, whose GDP in 2014 was 54 billion Euros. The celebration party guests received promotional material from that beautiful state. On the lawn of the embassy was also mounted a big screen where beautiful pictures of Thuringia were displayed.

After the arrival of the guests, the anthems of Brazil, Germany and the European Union were played. The Ambassador of Germany, Mr. Dirk Brengelmann, gave a speech of thanks for the presence of the guests and underscoring the growing trade partnership with Brazil, whose imports from Germany exceeded 100 billion euros in 2014. Then, the Economy Minister of the federal state of Thuringia, Mr. Wolfgang Tiefensee, also delivered a speech and stressed the excellent relations with Brazil.

After the speeches, the guests were invited to enjoy a celebration dinner with German typical food. Other attractions of the event were the traditional appetizers and of course, the delicious beer from Germany.

THE GUIDE congratulates the German Embassy for its National Day!