The Associação dos Adidos Militares Acreditados no Brasil – AAMAB (Association of Military Attachés Accredited in Brazil – AAMAB) organized on September 19th  the traditional Festival das Nações (Festival of Nations). The event was in the Clube do Exército (Army Club) at Setor Militar Urbano (Urban Military Sector) – SMU.

On a sunny Saturday, dozens of embassies attended the celebration party, where the gastronomy was the strongest suit. Festival attendees were able to taste typical food from all continents, as well as drinks and various desserts.

The embassies organized their gastronomic showrooms in the club barbecue area, creating an environment of great joy, in which one could easily know the special dishes of the participating countries. Brazil was also joined the event and, of course, the traditional Feijoada was the dish served to all.

One of the event sponsors was  RITA TRINDADE MEDICAL AND DENTISTRY SPA, which also participated in the Festival,organizing a large space for fun of children and also with service of free printing photos sent via Instagram.

After the arrival of the guests, the President of the Associação dos Adidos Militares Acreditados no Brasil – AAMAB (Association of Military Attachés Accredited in Brazil), Military Attaché of the Embassy of Portugal, Colonel Antônio Emídio da Silva Salgueiro, gave a speech thanking the participants for the success of the event. He also thanked the presence of the public and invited everybody to enjoy the many attractions of the event. Then the Military Attaché of Guatemala, Colonel Carlos Manuel Toledo Robles, began the announcement of the cultural attractions, including the typical dances from different countries.

The Festival das Nações (Festival of Nations) was certainly a strong event of socialization and joy among the hundreds of families who attended the Clube do Exército (Army Club) on that beautiful day.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Association of Military Attachés for the great event that was the Festival das Nações 2015!