The Embassy of the Republic hosted a Reception on 14 September to bid farewell to the First Secretary and Consul, Mr. Viktor Dolista, and to introduce the newcomers Mrs. Sandra Lang Linkensederová, First Secretary, and Military Attaché, Colonel Marcel Bozek.

The event took place in open air areas of the embassy and was attended by dozens of guests, including diplomats, military attachés, Brazilian government officials and personalities of Brasilia’s society.

After the arrival of the guests, Czech Ambassador, Mr. Jiri Havlik, made a speech to thank the presence of all and stressed the good work performed by Mr. Viktor Dolista during his stay in Brazil. The ambassador also welcomed the First Secretary, Mrs. Sandra Lang Linkensederová, and the Military Attaché, Mr. Marcel Bozek, which will reside in Brazil in the coming years. After the ambassador’s speech, Mr. Viktor Dolista also exclaimed words of gratitude to all and wished luck and success to the newcoming members of embassy.

The guests congratulated Mr. Viktor Dolista for the success of his mission in Brazil and have welcomed the First Secretary, Mrs. Sandra Lang Linkensederová and Military Attaché Mr. Marcel Bozek. The joy and fellowship were constant during the successful event.

THE GUIDE thanked Mr Viktor Dolista for the good work carried out in Brazil and wish much success to the First Secretary Mrs. Sandra Lang Linkensederová and the Military Attaché Mr. Marcel Bozek during their stay in Brazil.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of the Czech Republic for the success of the event!