In celebration of the CXCIV Independence Anniversary of the Central American countries, the ambassadors of the Republic of Guatemala, Julio Martini Herrera, Republic of Honduras, Jaime Güell Bográn, Republic of Nicaragua, Lorena Martínez, Republic of El Salvador, Diana Vanegas and the Republic of Costa Rica, Jairo Valverde, received on September 14th hundreds of guests for a celebration dinner at the Clube das Nações, located in the Setor de Clubes Sul (South Club Sector) of Brasilia.

The wonderful event was attended by Brazilian government officials, foreign diplomats and military attaches, businessmen, politicians and members of the Brasilia society.

The guests socialized in the social halls and in the open air areas of Clube das Nações. A big screen set up in one of the halls of the club showed the beauty of each Central American country.

After the guests arrival, all were invited to hear the national anthem of Brazil and the Central American countries. Then the ambassador of Guatemala, Mr. Julio Martini Herrera, gave a speech highlighting the growth of relations between the countries of Central America and Brazil. His speech was loudly applauded and ended with an invitation to a toast in honor of the good relations of the countries hosting the celebration and Brazil.

The ambassadors invited everyone to enjoy a dinner with typical dishes from their countries, much appreciated by the guests. THE GUIDE congratulates the countries of Central America for the Anniversary of their Independence!

THE GUIDE congratulates the countries of Central America for the anniversary of their independence!