1. Improving housing and economic policy

· Creation of a new budget residential estate by concluding offtake agreements with developers for the subsequent purchase of housing at the prices of the Nurly Zher programme

· Solving the issue of housing construction in rural areas through state reimbursement of up to 50% of employers’ expenses for the construction of housing for their employees

· Monitoring the activities of social and entrepreneurial corporations (SECs) and strengthening the competence of the Ministry of National Economy in coordinating SECs

· Drafting a new Law on the development of alternative energy

2. Issues of education

· Prolongation on an unlimited basis of the tariff plan of mobile operators “Bilim” with unlimited access to 600 Kazakh educational resources, as well as provision of free access to Kazakh educational resources

· Increased scholarship size for medical students

3. Formation of an inclusive public environment

· Update of the norms regarding special psychological and pedagogical support for children with disabilities

· Improvement of screening of young children and strengthening of the activities of social services in primary health care organizations

· Development of a single route for a child with special needs and his/her family

· Simplification of the procedure for establishing disability, by contacting only a medical institution, by accelerating the integration of information systems of all interested state bodies (in pilot mode from July 1, 2021, full-scale from January 1, 2022)

· Adoption of effective regulatory legal acts to ensure barrier-free access for persons with disabilities and other people with limited mobility

. Development of the List or Map of in-demand objects

4. Protection of human rights

· Development of an Action Plan on ensuring safe work in Kazakhstan until 2025

· Implementation of national indicators for assessing observance of human rights based on 14 Global Indicators in the field of human rights protection

· Introduction of administrative liability of legal entities, up to the suspension of their license, for involving or admitting minors to gambling

· Restoration of the special unit for the protection of women and children from abuse under the Ministry of Internal Affairs

· Introduction of the specialisation of female investigators in investigative units to investigate violent crimes against women and children

· Development of a concrete action plan for the implementation of a video surveillance system in penitentiary institutions and police offices, which would cover “invisible” zones

· Consideration of the exclusion of the norm of a lifetime suspension of a lawyer’s license

· Increasing the adversarial nature of the parties, ensuring equality of the prosecutor and lawyer in the trial

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