Ambassador of Korea, Mr. Kim Chan-woo and ambassadress Chung Hee Park.


The Embassy of Korea promoted on August 21st a celebration for the 60 years anniversary of diplomatic and trade relations between Brazil and Korea. Korean Ambassador Kim Chan-woo, Ambassadress Chung Hee Park, along with other Korean diplomats and officials were greeted by hundreds of guests.

The event took place at the official residence in Setor de Embaixadas Norte and the guests, upon arrival, came across a beautiful lantern decoration with the colors of the Korean flag. Entering the residence open-air areas, guests came across a booth where one of the Koreans’ favorite snacks was being served: fried chicken, which was then served with beer. It is a gastronomic feature of that beautiful country. There was also a stage set for the night’s cultural attractions, and tables spread out over the large yard.

Guests could taste fried chicken and beer, very popular in Korea.

Among the hundreds of guests there were ambassadors, diplomats, military attaches, Brazilian government officials, businessmen, intellectuals, and members of Brasilia society and the Korean community in Brazil.

Brazilian and foreign ambassadors and diplomats were at the event.

After the arrival of all guests, the anthems of South Korea and Brazil were performed with praise by the Brasilia’s Military Fire Brigade. Ambassador Kim Chan-woo then delivered a speech on the 60th anniversary of the Brazil-Korea relationship. Then, the representative of the Brazilian federal government, Ambassador Renato Salgado, also addressed the importance of the friendship between the two countries.

After the speeches, a cultural dance performance was presented, where the dancers sported typical Korean clothes, accompanied by Break-dance, a modern dance style which recently gained greater attention thanks to Korean Pop, or K-Pop as it is known worldwide, which is a music genre originated in South Korea and is currently one of the most listened to music styles by young people around the world.

Beautiful dances were performed at the event!


K-Pop dances were also performed for the public.

After the dance performance, everyone was invited to enjoy a dinner of traditional Korean cuisine. A dessert table was also set up in a hall inside the residence with cakes, pastries, and fruits.

Dishes from the Korean cuisine.

The celebration was a great moment of joy and fraternization!

Ambassador of Korea, Mr. Kim Chan-woo and President Director of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Korea for the 60th Anniversary of Relations between Korea and Brazil!


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