Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira, President of THE GUIDE (left), was among the professionals decorated by the Ambassador of Palestine in Brazil, Mr. Ibrahim Alzeben.


Ambassador of Palestine in Brazil, Mr. Ibrahim Alzeben, received guests at the Palestinian Embassy on October 8, 2019, to pay tribute to journalists and media professionals who, through their work, promote peace in the world-renowned Holy Land, located in the Middle East.

Professionals from various media outlets were at the event.

Among those present there were foreign ambassadors, diplomats and members of the press from various media outlets operating in Brazil. There was a great fraternization in the Embassy’s social rooms. Among the journalists and media professionals to be honored were the President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira and the journalist Fabiana Ceyhan.

Foreign ambassadors and diplomats were at the event.

Journalist Fabiana Ceyhan and Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira (below), Director of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, were among the media professionals decorated at the event.

After the arrival of all the guests, the tribute ceremony began. The guests went to one of the embassy’s halls and journalist Fabiana Ceihan gave a brief speech about the importance of journalists’ work for the correct spread of the facts around the world. Then Palestinian Ambassador Ibrahim Alzeben also addressed and stressed the promotion of peace among people and the importance of understanding the real situation experienced by the countries that make up the Holy Land. One of the points made by the Ambassador is that the conflict to be resolved in that region is not of a religious nature but a political one.

Palestinian Ambassador Ibrahim Alzeben highlighted the promotion of peace among people and the importance of understanding the real situation experienced by the countries that make up the Holy Land.

Following his speech, the Ambassador invited the members of the media to receive from his hands a tribute plaque for the importance of the work in promoting peace. Journalists from various media, receiving the honor, were applauded by all guests and uttered words of thanks praising Ambassador Alzeben’s beautiful initiative.

After the tribute, all were invited by Ambassador Ibrahim Alzeben to enjoy a dinner with typical Arab foods, served in the Embassy’s dining room. All the guests enjoyed the great gastronomy in an atmosphere of fraternization and friendship. In the end, everyone also enjoyed typical sweets from the Holy Land. The Palestinian Ambassador, Mr. Ibrahim Alzeben, received the compliments from the guests for the success of the event.

Guests enjoyed a dinner with typical arab dishes!

THE GUIDE congratulates Ambassador Ibrahim Alzeben for his beautiful initiative to promote peace among peoples, as well as congratulating all fellow journalists for the important tribute received!

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