Meliá Brasil 21, one of THE GUDE’s business partners, was part of the event CaminhaDown on Sunday, March 25. Mr. Pércio Melo, business manager of Meliá Brasil 21, welcomed the greatest star of the event, Ms. Débora Seabra.

Ms. Seabra is the first teacher with Down syndrome in Brazil. The teacher has been giving lectures in Brazil and other countries such as Argentina and Portugal. Débora Seabra is an active voice against prejudice in the classroom. In 2013, she released her first book called “Débora Conta Histórias” (Débora tells stories) packed with children’s tales that subtly talk about tolerance, respect and friendship.

Meliá Brasil 21 has helped to organize the coming of Ms. Seabra for the 4th CaminhaDown. The hotel gave the teacher and her mother courtesy rooms so they could stay comfortably in Brasília for the event.

CaminhaDown has reached its 4th edition this year. The event occupied Parque da Cidade (City Park) last Sunday, March 25, bringing a beautiful message of tolerance and love. The musical groups Tumba La Catumba and Batunkenjé were also highlights in the event alongside the clowns Léo and Lupa.


THE GUIDE congratulates Ms. Débora Seabra and Meliá Brasil 21 for being part of this important event.