On March 30th, the Embassy of Pakistan organized a lunch to promote a meeting of a delegation of Pakistani parliament members with Brazilian journalists. The event was held in a restaurant on the shores of Brasilia’s Lake Paranoá and was attended by journalists and representatives from media outlets, in addition to diplomats and military attachés. 

The delegation consisted of six representatives of the Pakistani parliament led by parliament member Mr. Riaz Fatyana, who is also Convener of the Parliamentary Taskforce on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He emphasized the objectives of the delegation’s trip to Brazil, which includes the promotion of bilateral Brazil-Pakistan cooperation in the areas of Education, Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Human Rights. 


The delegation met with Honorary Consul Mr. Muhammad Abdouni Neto for a dinner in São Paulo, in addition to the Consul, the Counselor Mr. Waqas Alam and some Pakistani businessmen based in Brazil. In Brasilia, they held meetings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the Brazilian Congress.

Mr. Fatyana informed that international trade with Brazil is approximately USD 1.3 billion and that the main products exported from his country are Pakistani rice (known as Basmati), mangoes, chicken, cattle feed, medical instruments and soccer balls. 

Mr. Aurangzeb Marral, Joint Secretary of the Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group (right) and Mr. Rodrigo Meireles, Manager of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy

Another issue highlighted was the situation of Pakistan in the face of the crisis in Afghanistan and its refugees. Currently, the country is home to more than 4 million refugees and is concerned with the basic needs of these refugees, in addition to human rights for the population of that country which currently ruled by the Taliban, which also has a presence in part of Pakistan. 

Finally, he commented that he would like Brazil to promote more visits by delegations to Pakistan, as the last one was in 2005. 

Defense Attaché at the Embassy of Pakistan, Brigade General Muhammad Ahsan (Right), and Mr. Rodrigo Meireles, Manager of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy

Pakistan-Brazil Parliamentary Friendship Group and Brazilian media outlets representatives.


THE GUIDE congratulates the delegation of parliament members from Pakistan for the well-executed work towards the growth of relations between Pakistan and Brazil, as well as congratulates the Embassy of Pakistan for organizing the meeting with Brazilian journalists. 


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