After these months of isolation due to the pandemic – a difficult time when we had to get used to being away from our dear relatives and friends – the new arrival of spring in Brazil renews the hope that we will soon live again the events of joy and fraternization that so much marked the lives of members of the diplomatic corps in Brasilia.

One of the events held this year and which portrays the joy and celebration of life very well, undoubtedly was the Holi Celebration, organized by the Embassy of India on March 07.

Holi heralds the arrival of spring after winter. It is celebrated in India as a day of spreading happiness and love. The festival is also celebrated as thanksgiving for good harvest.

Dozens of guests attended the Holi celebration at the embassy, which is an informal event where people can greet and smear colors on each other to fast Indian music. The Chargé d’Affaires a. i. at that occasion, Mr. Shri S. Koventhan, along with other diplomats and attachés from India, happily received the guests, who quickly entered that memorable atmosphere of joy, colors and dance.

Mr. S. Koventhan


After everyone’s arrival and lots of colorful celebration, Mr. Koventham delivered a speech explaining the importance of Holi celebration for the Indian people. His words were applauded and then several guests took the floor to praise the beautiful celebration and its importance.

After the speeches, everyone was invited to enjoy a lunch with typical dishes of Indian cuisine. The guests got together in the social halls of the embassy and enjoyed the exquisite gastronomy. After that remarkable lunch, pictures of the united group were taken in front of the embassy, recording there one of the moments of greatest unity and joy in the diplomatic sector in Brasília before the beginning of the  pandemic of COVID-19.

Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira, Director of THE GUIDE, also took part in the joyful celebration.

In this month of September 2020, the Embassy of India received its new ambassador, Mr. Suresh Reddy. THE GUIDE conveys to Ambassador Reddy the best wishes of success during his mission in Brazil, as well as congratulates the diplomats, attachés and embassy staff for the recent events that very well conveyed the message that India is a joyful country of great economic potential; that values happiness and is undoubtedly a big friend of Brazil.




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