Hundreds of people attended the invitation of the Ambassador of Turkey, Mr. Ali Kaya Savut, to celebrate The National Day of Turkey on October 28 at the Turkish embassy in Brasilia.

Ambassador Savut, Ambassadress Konca Savut and diplomats of Turkey were congratulated by the guests in the main entrance of the embassy, located at Setor de Embaixadas Sul (Embassies South Sector). Then the guests went to the embassy’s social halls and open air areas, which was beautifully decorated with balloons in the colors of Turkey, flower arrangements on the tables, and flowers of candles in the pool.

The party was a great celebration of Turkish culture and among the guests there were  ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of the United Nations, military attachés, representatives of the Brazilian government, religious authorities, business executives and representatives of the society of Brasilia.

Ambassador of Jamaica, Mrs. Sharon J. Miller

Ambassador of Morocco, Mr. Nabil Adghoghi (left) and Ambassador of Palestine, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil Alzeben

From right: Minister Muhanned Omer Abbas Ajabna from the embassy of Sudan, Minister Isiaka Abdulqadir Imam from the embassy of Nigeria and Mr. Filipe Domenes

From left: Minister Osamu Yamanaka from the embassy of Japan, Chargé d’Affaires of the Republic of Singapore, Mr. Desmond NG and Second Secretary from the embassy of East Timor, Mr. Miguel Jacob V. Nova da Silva

From left: Ambassador of Lebanon, Mr. Joseph Sayah, Ambassador of Libya, Mr. Khaled Zayed Ramadan Dahan and Ambassado of Sudan, Mr. Abdelmoniem Ahmed Alamin Alhussain

Mr. Daouda Ndao from the embassy of Senegal (left) and Mr. Lamine Kane from the embassy of the United States

Colonel Ahmet Serdar Apaydin from the embassy of Turkey (left) and Colonel Yousaf from the embassy of Pakistan

A big screen was placed at the venue and displayed the beautiful images of Turkey, as also the flags of Brazil and Turkey during the presentation of the national anthems.

Ambassador Savut delivered a speech about the good relations of Brazil and Turkey and took the opportunity to say goodbye to his colleagues, as he will be returning to his country. A speech was read on behalf of the President of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who highlighted the importance of Brazil’s future relations with his country.

After the speeches, fireworks gave beauty to sky on such an important occasion. Then a quartet of musicians began playing live music as people were invited to go to the embassy halls to taste a special dinner with typical Turkish dishes plus a very flavorful Kebab. There were also special drinks and a table of desserts with chocolate and fruits.

At the end of that beautiful celebration, the guests congratulated the ambassador for the National Day of Turkey!

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Turkey for its National Day!


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