The Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium celebrated on July 21st the National Day of its country. The ceremony took place at the Embassy of Belgium located at Setor de Embaixadas Sul and was hosted by Belgium ambassador Mr. Dirk Loncke and his wife Mrs. Chérine Touma.

Ambassador of Belgium, Mr. Dirk Loncke, and his wife Mrs. Chérine Touma.

Ambassador Mr. Dirk Loncke, his wife and the embassy diplomatic corps waiting to greet guests at the embassy entrance.

The guests fraternized in the open air areas of the Embassy all while enjoying live music and a variety of food and drinks. Most guests gathered around one of two spots, the patio where the musicians performed or around the mesmerizing candlelit pool.

The venue was decorated with banners showing images from the nation and its royal family, screens, panels, candles, food table, cocktail bar, cover-art from famous Belgian cartoons, all representing the gorgeous European country.

In a short period of time the location was filled with guests, including ambassadors, government authorities, diplomats, business people, intellectuals, and members of Brasília’s society and the Belgian community.

Ambassador of Croatia Mr. Zeljko Vukosav and his wife Mrs. Nina Vukosav

From left: Ambassador of Jordan, Mr. Malek Twal and Ambassador of Palestine, Mr. Ibrahim Alzeben.

Minister Counselor of Angola Mr. José Pinto

From left: Ambassador of Belgium Mr. Dirk Loncke and Director of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira

From left: Ambassador of Bolívia Mr. José Franco, Mrs. Eloisa de Azevedo and Lawyer Mrs. Renata Azevedo

Journalist Mr. Ivan Godoy and his wife.

From left: Ambassador of Jamaica Mrs. Sharon Miller and Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Barbados, Mrs. Resa Andrea Layne

From left: Ambassador of Serbia Mr. Veljko Lazic, Resident Coordinator from UN Mr. Niky Fabiancic and Ambassador of Itamaraty Mr. Nelson Tabajara

From left: THE GUIDE Business Consultancy Representative Mr. Vinicius Neves, Businessman Mr. Jean N Sublun and THE GUIDE Business Consultancy Representative Mr. Matheus Carvalho

After the guests’ arrival, ambassador Dirk Loncke gave a speech welcoming all and joked about how Belgium instantly made 200 million enemies when their football team knocked Brazil’s team out of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He went on to highlight Brazilians sportsmanship when defeated. After the speech, guests were treated to fireworks.

The event was a success. All attendees congratulated ambassador Mr. Dirk Loncke, his wife Mrs. Chérine Touma, and the rest of the fellow members from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium for the unforgettable diplomatic social event. The guests were presented with a huge table full of Belgian sweets.

THE GUIDE congratulates the embassy of Belgium for its National Day!