Ambassador of Georgia, H.E. Mr. Zurab Mchedlishvili and the Financial Manager Ms. Eka Davitashvili.

On May 26th, Georgia celebrates its independence! To celebrate this special date, the embassy held an event on May 23rd at Clube Naval de Brasília (Navy Club). The celebration began with a warm welcome from the diplomatic team, with the presence of the new ambassador, Mr. Zurab Mchedlishvili, and the Counselor Nikoloz Sakhvadze.

Authorities of the Brazilian Government, foreign ambassadors and business men were at the event.

After the guests arrival, they were invited to listen to the national anthems of Brazil and Georgia, respectively, performed by the musical group Teatraluris Kvarteti (თეატრალური კვარტეტი). Afterwards, the ambassador gave a speech highlighting the importance of trade between Brazil and Georgia and the growth of tourism between the countries. He also mentioned the high quality of Georgian wines imported into Brazil. The ambassador expressed gratitude for the work of the previous team in Brazil and expressed hope for future relations between Brazil and Georgia.

Ambassador Zurab Mchedlishvili gave a speech highlighting the importance of the relations between Brazil and Georgia.

After the speech, guests watched two videos about Georgia: one presenting the country’s qualities and the advantages of tourism in the Caucasian nation, and the other with messages of congratulations on the national date sent by Brazilian friends at the embassy. After the videos, guests were treated to a dinner of delicious Georgian food, during which the band continued playing Georgian folk songs. The event had the support of MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company.

Guests watched the beauties of Georgia.


Representatives of MUNDIAL RESIDENCE – International and National Removal and Relocation Company were at the event.


Ambassador of Georgia, Mr. Zurab Mchedlishvili and President of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.

At the end of the event, the ambassador called everyone’s attention for a final thank you, followed by the ceremonial cutting of a cake, celebrating the friendship between Georgia and Brazil.


Ambassador of Georgia, H.E. Mr. Zurab Mchedlishvili, was greeted for the great celebration!

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Georgia on its National Day!

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