GAD is the Group of Diplomatic Advisors who work at embassies and international organizations in Brasília. There are more than 300 professionals carrying out support activities for the diplomatic corps. The group was organized in 2017 and aims to seek partnerships, agreements, discounts, cultural, social and educational initiatives that help develop the career and work of advisors, adding value to the activity, including developing social actions to contribute to those most in need.

In the months of November and December 2023, GAD organized two events to conclude activities for the year. The first event was a celebration to thank the companies and professionals who support the group. The lively event took place at the Embassy of Chile on the night of November 9th, when the GAD board of directors received dozens of guests.

From left: Ms. Vãnia Brandão, Miss Marcella Pedi and Ms. Kanda Nehgme.

Guests fraternized at the Embassy of Chile.

The second and closing event was a lively talent show, which took place at the Embassy of Slovakia on the night of December 5th. On that occasion, some partners presented their products and services in the initial phase of the event. Then, everyone went to the embassy auditorium, when the artistic presentations began.

 Mr. Viliam Rosenberg, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Slovakia.

Ms. Vânia Brandão delivers a welcome speech to the guests.

There were beautiful performances and the public applauded the music, dance and other expressions of art and culture.

The guests congratulated the GAD board for the excellent management of events during the year.

THE GUIDE congratulates the GAD administration on its success in 2023!!!