Considered one of the forerunners of conceptual photography in Latin America, José Alberto Figueroa will have an individual exhibition at Caixa Cultural from June 6 to August 19. Cristina Figueroa, daughter of Figueria and art critic, is the curator of the exhibition “Um Autorretrato Cubano” (A Cuban Self-Portrait).

Social and political issues are the focus of the Cuban’s work, which reveals his gaze on historical country phrases from the earliest days of the Cuban Revolution, when he was able to keep up with significant and controversial social changes to this day.

Figueroa graduated in photography in the 60’s, while already working as an assistant in the studio of Alberto Korda, specializing in advertising and fashion. With time, began to develop a versatile career, acting, even, like correspondent of war in Angola.

Venue: Caixa Cultural
Setor Bancário Sul, Quadra 4, Lotes 3/4, Asa Sul
June 7 to August 19. Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 9 pm
Free Admission
(61) 3206-9448/3206-9449