The 2018 season of “Cine Curta Brasil” (Brazil Short Film Festival) opens at Caixa Cultural bringing as theme the visionary look of the black woman in the movies, in front of and behind the cameras.

In the program, short films by important black female filmmakers of contemporary Brazilian cinematography will be presented. In addition, the show will feature debates on the Afro-Brazilian female universe, featuring filmmakers, artists and black activists in the city.

See the program:

“Afronta” (Director: Juliana Vicente, 2018, 15min)

“Mulheres de barro” (Director: Edileuza Penha de Souza, 2014, 26min)

“Casca de Baobá” (Director: Mariana Luiza, 2014, 11min)
Venue: Caixa Cultural
Setor Bancário Sul Quadra 4, Lotes 3/4, – Asa Sul
Tuesday, May 22, at 8 pm
Free Admission