The embassies of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland – in cooperation with their consulates and cultural partners in Brazil – bring to Brasília the idea that a language opens doors to better understand the culture of other countries. For that reason, the embassies present in April the third edition of Semana da Língua Alemã (German Language Week).

The festival will hold over 450 events throughout Brazil, including film screening, German demonstration classes, workshops, theater workshops, children’s activities and musical performances. It is a rare opportunity to know the beauty and diversity of the German language.

One of the objectives of Semana da Língua Alemã (German Language Week) is to arouse the interest of Brazilians in the language. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. Therefore, the event aims to make the language, which facilitates access to culture, technology, science and European innovation, more popular in Brazil.


See the full program HERE.