The Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Veljko Lazic, along with other diplomats of the Serbian Embassy in Brasilia, received dozens of guests on February 22nd to celebrate the National Day of Serbia, and to present the art and biography of the diplomat Ivo Andric.

The ceremony took place in the Salão Branco of Palácio do Buriti, headquarters of the Federal District Government. The guests were invited to know Ivo Andric life details through the exhibition. He was one of the most prominent figures in the diplomatic environment of the first half of last century, both as a diplomatic official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recognized in the most influential political circles in Europe, as a Nobel Prize winner for Literature, distinguished by his education, skills and his great artistic talent.

Until March 16th, 20 panels arranged in the Salão Branco will feature Ivo Andric’s creative work, the panorama of the cities where he has been, photographs of private life, documents and personal items. Following the writer’s diplomatic career, the exhibition has gone through all the European countries where he lived and worked. Now, it is in the first time in Latin America.

In attendance for the ceremony there were foreign diplomats, officials of the Federal District government, entrepreneurs, personalities of the cultural area, artists, intellectuals, journalists and members of the Brasilia society.

The Ambassador of Serbia, Mr. Veljko Lazic, gave a speech thanking Brazil for 80 years of diplomatic relations with his country and the honor of receiving the exhibition of Ivo Andric, an artist who is not yet so well known by Brazilians. Then the first lady of Brasilia, Mrs. Márcia Rollemberg gave a speech highlighting the importance of the diplomatic relations and the potential of Ivo Andric, promising to increase the knowledge of Brazilians about that winner of the Nobel Prize. Other authorities present at the celebration also made speeches emphasizing the importance of Serbia to Brazil, and congratulating the country on its national date. All were very applauded by the attendees.  After the speeches, a cocktail party was offered where everyone could socialize enjoying the exhibition.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Serbia for the National Day and the beautiful initiative for the memory of the important work of the diplomat Ivo Andric.