The Philippines National Day was celebrated on June 16, when the ambassador of that country, Mr. Jose D.R. Burgos, received dozens of guests for a celebration dinner at the Clube da Aeronáutica, located in the North Clubs Sector of Brasilia.

Among the guests there were Brazilian government officials, foreign diplomats, businessmen, intellectuals and members of Brasilia’s society.

The guests had the chance to taste typical food and drinks from the Philippines, and to know a little of the culture of that beautiful country. Several stalls were set up near the  club social hall and the guests as soon as they arrived, visited the stalls and tasted the delicacies prepared for that beautiful event.  Everything under a joyfull celebration mood.

After the guests arrival, ambassador Burgos made a speech thanking for the presence of the guests and highlighting the growing diplomatic, commercial and cultural relations with Brazil. He proposed a toast and then he launched a commemorative stamp for the relations of Brazil and The Philippines. After that, he invited everyone to enjoy a celebration dinner with typical food of the Philippines.

All enjoyed the Filipino cuisine while watching the presentation of a beautiful coral of students.

The ambassador of The Philippines, Mr. Jose D.R. Burgos, and the Filipino diplomats were greeted by the guests for the very nice party. At the end of the event, the guests received gifts with products and information about the Philippines.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of The Philippines for its National Day!