The Botswana Embassy celebrated its national day on September 30, receiving dozens of guests to a commemorative dinner.

The beautiful event took place at Dunia City Hall, in the Lago Sul district, at which the guests were welcomed by the Ambassador of Botswana in Brazil, Mrs. Bernadette S. Rathedi.

Among the guests there were diplomats, military attachés, Brazilian government officials, businessmen and members of society in Brasilia, all fraternizing in a joyful atmosphere.

After the arrival of all, the anthems of Brazil and Botswana were played by the military band. Then the guests were surprised by a beautiful presentation of a cultural group from Botswana.

Ambassador Bernadette S. Rathedi delivered a speech by thanking all those present and highlighting the growing relations between her country and Brazil. After her speech, the Undersecretary General for Africa and the Middle Eastof the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Mr. Fernando José Marroni de Abreu, also spoke and congratulated the Botswana government for such an important date. Everyone applauded the speeches and then the ambassador of Botswana proposed a toast in honor of the friendship between Brazil and Botswana.

The guests were then invited to go to the beautiful dining hall, where a buffet with varied dishes was served and much appreciated by all. At the end of the memorable celebration, the guests received souvenirs of Botswana. Ambassador Bernadette Rathedi and the diplomats of the Embassy of Botswana were very congratulated for the success of the event.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Embassy of Botswana for its National Day!