Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman announced on March 27th, 2021 the Saudi Green Initiative and the Middle East Green Initiative. The two initiatives, which will be launched shortly, will shape the Kingdom’s intentions to protect the land and nature, and will contribute strongly to achieving global goals, for instance:

The Saudi Green Initiative

  • The Kingdom will work through the Saudi Green Initiative to increase vegetal cover numbers, reduce carbon emissions, combat pollution and soil degradation, as well as preserve marine life.
  • The initiative will involve a series of initiatives:

    1. Planting of (10 Billion) trees in the coming decades.
    2. Rehabilitate the equivalent of 40 million hectares of degraded soil.
    3. Increase the coverage of trees by 12 times compared to the current scenario.

  • The Kingdom will also work to increase the percentage of protected areas to more than (30%) of its total area, representing exactly (600,000) square kilometers, exceeding the current global target by 17%.
  • It will launch a series of ambitious initiatives to protect marine life and the coastal environment.
  • The Saudi Green Initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions by more than 4% of the global contribution, through an ambitious renewable energy program that will increase the share of renewable energy to up to 50% in 2030.

Middle East Green Initiative

  • The Kingdom will begin work on the Middle East Initiative in coordination with neighboring sister countries participating in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and also with other states in the Middle East to plant an additional 40 Billion trees in the Middle East.
  • This regional program covers a total of 50 Billion trees, being the largest reforestation program in the world, twice the size of the Great Green Wall of the Sahara (the second largest regional initiative).
  • The Kingdom will work with regional partners to pass on their knowledge and share their experiences, which will contribute to reducing carbon emissions, also resulting in a production of more than 60% of hydrocarbons in the region.

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