Azerbaijan’s ambassador to Brazil, Mr. Elkhan P. Polukhov, hosted Brazilian media outlet representatives on June 8 for a press conference on the tragedy of a landmine explosion in the Kalbajar region of his country. The explosion took place on June 4th and killed a member of the Azerbaijani press and a member of the local government, and left four people injured.

The event had the online participation of authorities from Azerbaijan and representatives of the media were informed about the critical situation of people who transit in the region of Kalbajar. Azerbaijan has already deactivated more than 35,000 mines since the signing of the Trilateral Declaration on November 10, in which Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia participated.

Ambassador Polukhov and the other authorities of his country participating in the press conference requested that the drama of their country be disclosed, which already had more than 120 Azebaijanis killed and injured due to mine explosions in the territories liberated since the end of the recent war against Armenia. For them, obtaining maps of the thousands of mines that are still in their country is essential for this tragedy to end.

Ambassador Elkhan P. Polukhov and other diplomats and members of the Azerbaijani embassy, as well as online participants in the event, received the votes of condolences and consideration from the Brazilian journalists who participated in the press conference.

Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Brazil, Mr. Elkhan P. Polukhov (Left) and CEO of THE GUIDE Business Consultancy, Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira.


THE GUIDE expresses its sincerest condolences for the tragedy in the Kalbajar region and reiterates its desire for respect, peace and harmony among all nations.


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