THE GUIDE has recently signed a contract of representation for the State of Goiás with Mrs. ANDREA FIUZA, President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of ACIEG – Commercial, Industrial and Services Association of the State of Goiás.

With the establishment of the partnership, Mrs. Fiuza is authorized to promote the divulgation of municipalities and companies of the state of Goiás in the THE GUIDE and social networks, enabling the foreigners of the embassy and international organizations community in Brasilia to know better the many attractions of that beautiful state.

For Mr. Pedro Paulo Moreira, CEO of THE GUIDE, the representation in Goiás is an important step for the growth of the international relations of that state with the governments of countries of the international community, besides the increasing promotion of the tourist attractions for the foreign public . “Goiás is a state in full development and with growing economy. Its proximity to Brasilia is a strategic advantage and with the support of Mrs. Andrea Fiuza we will promote many visits of the members of the diplomatic corps to the municipalities of Goiás. I know that many good deals will be made from this partnership”, said Mr. Moreira.

Mrs. Andrea Fiuza has extensive experience in foreign trade and intends to take to the embassies the many business opportunities offered by ACIEG, an association established in Goiânia 80 years ago and with contacts with trade associations from all municipalities in the state of Goiás. “THE GUIDE is a company with more than 15 years of experience in relations with embassies and ACIEG has hundreds of associates with products and services that will meet the many demands of foreign governments. I am happy to be able to present Goiás companies to the diplomatic corps in Brasilia through THE GUIDE”, she said.

The work of representing THE GUIDE prepared by Mrs. Andrea Fiuza has already begun and the municipality of Pirenópolis was the first in the state of Goiás to include information in THE GUIDE’s “Brazil” link. Soon, new cities will be featured in the guide.

THE GUIDE welcomes Mrs. Andrea Fiuza as a representative in the state of Goiás and wishes much success in her activities in the state.