Latin America and the Caribbean embassies organized the 1st Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival, an event that was launched on May 24 at Cine Brasilia with the support of the Government of Brasilia.

It is the first time that Latin American and Caribbean embassies have been holding a festival together and this first edition has brought the participation of 19 countries.

The launching of the event took place on the night of May 24 and was attended by ambassadors, diplomats, military and civil attachés, Brazilian government officials, businessmen, students and other members of the Brazilian society. The guests fraternized in the social hall of Cine Brasília, a traditional venue for Brazilian and foreign film festivals.

After the fraternization, everyone was invited to enter the comfortable cinema and to watch the first film of the Festival, the Dominican film “Oriundos de La Noche” by director Javier Balaguer, which received praises and applauses from the audience.

The 1st Latin American and Caribbean Film Festival will be showing until June 2, presenting two films from the participating countries daily and for free. This is a great opportunity to watch great films of varied subjects that highlights the cinematographic talent of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

THE GUIDE congratulates the Latin American and Caribbean embassies for the great cultural initiative!

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