In Planaltina, a Brazilian tradition has been taking place since 1973. The staging of the Via Sacra was conceived by Father Aleixo Susin and for 45 years he has brought people from all over Brasília to Morro da Capelinha, the place chosen to host the event.

The last adjustments are being made for the 45th edition, which, according to the producers, should receive more than 100 thousand people this Friday, March 30. All and all, 1,400 volunteers participate in the organization of the Via Sacra.

The staging at Morro da Capelinha begins with the judgments of Jesus, first by the priests and then in the palace of Pontius Pilate. After the conviction, the actors follow the path towards the top of the hill passing through 15 stations of the Via Crucis.

The event became so famous and important, that eventually entered the calendar of Holy Week and in 2008 ended up honored as intangible cultural heritage of the DF.


Venue: Morro da Capelinha
Friday, March 30, at 4 pm
Free Admission