The play “O Fio de Minos” will be presented from Friday to Sunday (April 12 to 14) at Teatro SESC Garagem (SESC Garagem Theater) in Asa Sul.

The show counts on the participation of: Marcos Buiati, Caroline Magalhães, Clara Sales, Iago Gabriel Melo and Tascio Andrade, bringing a work that traces poetic convergences between dance and Latin American Magical Realism.

The play is based on the story “La casa de Asterión “ (The House of Asterion) by Argentine writer Jorge Luís Borges, and presents a different view of the story of Minotaur in the Cretan Labyrinth.

Astérion is the proper name of the Minotaur, the main character and narrator of the story.  He lives in the labyrinth of Crete and inhabits it as if it was his home.

Astérion lives in the solitude of the labyrinth waiting for his redeemer. For him, the person who will kill him, will give him freedom from his monstrous condition.

For the character, the imagination is the only thing that allows loneliness to be more tolerable.

The death is for him a kind of deliverance from all evil, just as he frees and redeems the men who enter the labyrinth to kill him, while he waits anxiously the arrival of his “redeemer”, who will take him to the infinite.

Venue: Teatro SESC Garagem (SESC Garagem Theater)
W4 Sul (Avenue), Quadras 713/913, Lote “F”, Asa Sul
Friday to Sunday, April 12 to 14 at 8:00 pm
Free admission. The public can pick up the tickets at the theater box office 1 hour before the play
(61) 3445-4401 and (61) 3445-4400