Since March 28th and until April 21st, CCBB Brasília is presenting the play “Fim de Partida”, inspired by one of Samuel Beckett’s most emblematic works – Endgame – written during the turmoil of the Second World War.

Endgame, by SamuelBeckett, is an absurdist, tragicomic one-act-play about a blind, paralyzed, domineering elderly man, his geriatric parents and his doddering, dithering, harried, servile companion in an abandoned house in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, who mention they are awaiting some unspecified “end” which seems to be the end of their relationship, death, and the end of the actual play itself. Much of the play’s content consists of terse, back and forth dialogue between the characters reminiscent of bantering, along with trivial stage actions; the plot is held together by the development of a grotesque story-within-a-story that the character Hamm is relating. An aesthetically profound part of the play is the way the story-within-story and the actual play come to an end at roughly the same time. The play’s title refers to chess and frames the characters as acting out a losing battle with each other or their fate.   (Source: Wikipedia)

Directed by Eid Ribeiro, the play FIM DE PARTIDA explores the mystery of human existence, with clowns Chico and Victor Dornellas – father and son in real life – playing the roles of Hamm and Clov, two characters confined in a shelter while the world outside seems to have reached its end.

The staging seeks to merge Beckett’s fictional universe with the clown’s language, intertwining two narratives that follow parallel trajectories, but which intertwine at crucial moments, in a game of irony and sarcasm, finding humor in the tragic fate reserved for humanity.

Venue: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – CCBB
Where: SCES Trecho 02 Lote 22 – Edif. Presidente Tancredo Neves – Setor de Clubes Especial Sul – Brasília – DF (In front of the Golf Club)

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When: From March 28th to April 21st. Thursday to Saturday, at 8pm and Sunday at 6pm.
Price: BRL 30.00 and BRL 15.00 (Half price). Tickets at the entrance or at the link below.
Rating:  For people over 16 years old





Teatro CCBB – “Fim de Partida”

De 28 de março a 21 de abril, o CCBB Brasília apresenta a peça “Fim de Partida”, inspirada em uma das obras mais emblemáticas de Samuel Beckett, escrita durante os tumultos da Segunda Guerra Mundial.

Dirigido por Eid Ribeiro, o espetáculo explora o mistério da existência humana, com os palhaços Chico e Victor Dornellas – pai e filho na vida real – interpretando os papéis de Hamm e Clov, dois personagens confinados em um abrigo enquanto o mundo lá fora parece ter chegado ao seu fim.

A encenação busca fundir o universo ficcional de Beckett com a linguagem do palhaço, entrelaçando duas narrativas que seguem trajetórias paralelas, mas que se entrelaçam em momentos cruciais, em um jogo de ironia e sarcasmo, encontrando humor no destino trágico reservado à humanidade.

Local: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – CCBB
Onde: SCES Trecho 02 Lote 22 – Edif. Presidente Tancredo Neves – Setor de Clubes Especial Sul – Brasília – DF

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Quando: De 28 de março a 21 de abril. Quinta a sábado, às 20h e Domingo às 18h.
Preço: R$ 30,00 e 15,00 (meia entrada). Ingressos na entrada ou no link abaixo.
Classificação etária: For people over 16 years old