THE GUIDE informs:


On April 1st, 2020, the governor of Distrito Federal, Mr. Ibaneis Rocha, has issued another decree which extends the period dedicated to quarantine and social isolation yet again, the decree issued the following:

(UPDATE): The restrictions imposed on banks and credit unions have been lifted. Read more about it by clicking Here.

(UPDATE): Furniture stores and factories, as well as Electronic stores have been reopened. Read more about it by clicking Here.

(UPDATE) Eyeglass stores have been reopened. Read more about it by clicking Here.


Educational activities are suspended in all schools, day cares, universities and colleges, of both public and private education sectors, within the scope of the Distrito Federal, until May 31, 2020. The school units of the private educational system of the DF may adopt the anticipation of a recess or school holidays, at the discretion of each unit. The necessary adjustments to comply with the school calendar will be established by the State Department of Education of the Federal District, after classes return.


  • The following are suspended, within the scope of the Federal District, until May 3, 2020:


  1. The holding of events, of any nature, that require a license from the Public Power;
  2. Sporting events in the Distrito Federal, including championships of any modality of sports;
  3. The collective activities of cinema and theater;
  4. The activities of gyms of all kinds;
  5. The visitation hours of museums, zoos, ecological, recreational, urban, living and similar parks;
  6. The opening of nightclubs;
  7. Service to the public in shopping centers, popular fairs and recreational clubs, except:
    1. In the case of shopping centers, for the operation of laboratories, pharmacies, clinics and offices, medical, dental and veterinary;
    2. Permanent fairs and street markets, mentioned in the list at the end of the article, will open only for the exclusive commercialization of food products, whether for human or animal consumption, on the subject of the operation of restaurants and food courts, the consumption of products on site and the availability of tables and chairs to clients is prohibited.
  8. Service to the public in all bank branches and credit unions in the Distrito Federal, public and private, with the exception of services related to banking programs intended to alleviate the economic consequences of the new Coronavirus, as well as assistance to people with chronic diseases; Note: This restriction has been revoked. Read more about it by clicking Here.
  9. Religious services, ceremonies and rituals of any creed or religion;
  10. Commercial establishments of any nature, including bars, restaurants, shops and the like, including kiosks, foodtrucks and trailers selling meals;
  11. Beauty salons, barber shops and beauty centers;
  12. Street commerce in general.


  • The suspension listed above is not applied to the following commercial activities


  1. Medical and dental clinics and offices, laboratories and pharmacies;
  2. Veterinary clinics, only for emergency care;
  3. Supermarkets, horticulture, mini-markets, grocery stores, butcher shops, seafood shops, established commerce of natural products, as well as supplements and food formulas. Being forbidden, in all cases, the sale of meals and products for consumption on the spot;
  4. Bakeries and baker shops, only for the sale of products, the supply of which is prohibited for meals of any kind for consumption on site;
  5. Stores for building materials and home products, including home centers;
  6. Gas stations; (Click here to know more about gas station restrictions) 
  7. Convenience stores and mini-markets at gas stations, consumption of the products on site and the availability of tables and chairs being prohibited;
  8. Petshops and stores of veterinary medicines or sanitizing products;
  9. Shops related to the entire sector of motor vehicles;
  10. Technology companies, except computer equipment and supply stores;
  11. Companies which cooperate in providing supplies to the Federal District for facing the public health emergency related to coronavirus or dengue in areas such as basic health, dental care, social assistance, and nutrition, both for the provision of packaged food for individual removal, as well as for collection and distribution of food in programs to ensure food safety;
  12. Funeral homes and related services;
  13. Lottery and banking correspondents;
  14. Laundries, exclusively in the home delivery system;
  15. Florists, exclusively in the home delivery system;
  16. Companies specialized in the pest control segment.


  • Home delivery, delivery in vehicles and removal of the product on site are permitted, without opening the establishment to serve the public in its premises, and the availability of tables and chairs to consumers is prohibited.


  • The operation of industrial activities is authorized.


  • Within the scope of civil construction, the entire production chain is authorized, from industrialization to commercialization.


  • In all establishments that remain open, the observance of all the safety protocols recommended by the health authorities regarding equipment, protection and other sanitary measures must be followed.


  • In case the employer identifies the employee’s feverish state and another respiratory symptoms characteristic of Covid-19 (cough, difficulty in breathing), they should immediately put them on temporary leave from work activities for fourteen days to partake in quarantine in residence.


  • It will be considered abuse of economic power to raise prices, without just cause, with the objective of arbitrarily increasing the prices of inputs and services related to the coping with Covid-19 and it will be subject to penalties according by the law;


The list of permanent fairs and street markets that will open, which was mentioned previously, is as follows:


Centrais de Abastecimento do Distrito Federal- CEASA.

Feira Central de Ceilândia.

Feira de Hortifrutigranjeiro de Planaltina.

Feira Modelo de Sobradinho.

Feira do Paranoá.

Feira Permanente de Brazlândia.

Feira Permanente da Candagolândia.

Feira Permanente do Cruzeiro.

Feira Permanente do Gama.

Feira Permanente do Guará.

Feira Permanente da Estrutural.

Feira Permanente da Guariroba.

Feira Permanente do Jardim Botânico.

Feira Permanente do Núcleo Bandeirante.

Feira Permanente do P Norte – Ceilândia.

Feira Permanente da QNL – Taguatinga.

Feira Permanente de São Sebastião.

Feira Permanente de Sobradinho II.

Feira Permanente da 313 de Samambaia.

Feira Permanente da 510 de Samambaia.

Feira do Produtor de Ceilândia.

Feira do Produtor de Vicente Pires.